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Himiko is a short dark atmospheric horror puzzle game with a very complicated story but rather simple gameplay.
The game requires the player to understand the story in order to progress through the game. There are secret notes in the game that don’t actually exist in the game universe, they are only there to help you understand the story.

The story is about a doll that got possessed by the lost soul of a dead young woman "Himiko". Day after day the doll started turning into human. However, recently himiko started having weird nightmares that she can`t wake up from, because she doesn’t understand what is happening and why its happening. Will you be able to wake up himiko from her terrible nightmares?

ATTENTION: Please don’t buy the game if your pc doesn’t meet at least the minimum system requirements, the game will glitch and not work as intended. Minimum performance required is 1080p / 60 frame per second.

-This game is not easy
-This game has no key rebinding
-This game has no graphics settings, the graphics are set on high quality, you can’t change them except for the resolution.

This game is based on Sigmund Freud Dream Theory, the game is slow and dark to give the feeling of being in a dream.

*If you have any question or need help, please post in the community hub*

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