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In BioSupremacy, you play as the last remnant of a archaic alien civilization. A multidimensional being has recovered some ancient DNA allowing him to create powerful creatures that now roam the universe looking to dominate every planet on sight. Your duty is to stop them before they take control of the entire universe!

– Roam through different scenarios eliminating all kind of aliens to get their DNA, level up and earn new skills from them

– Get achievements through the successful elimination of all these alien lifeforms

– Your objective is to dominate the planet and be the strongest species. You must prevail over all, including your own origins

– Travel between worlds through all of your visited scenarios through portals to battle old enemies again

– Discover the story of this universe by finding ancient items revealing your past and the origin of all the life forms you find

– Capture all the ancient items to face the final challenge against the creator of all life forms

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