How Long Will You Survive?

In brutal world where radiation is overwhelming invisible killer, hordes of zombies stalk remaining humans at night and where people kill each other for leftover of destroyed world, your task is to survive the night. By all means…

Game Features

  • Explore – large map, offering unique experience. Learn it well, because it’s a key to survive the night.
  • Loot – scavenge the world for the guns, weapons, tools, ammo and materials. Without them you have no chance…
  • Craft – Prepare tools, weapons, traps and barricades to defend yourself at night…
  • Cooperate or Compete – when you are not convinced that you can survive by yourself, join to other survivors. But be carefull, on those devastated lands, you can trust no one.
  • Survive – experience real hardcore survival mechanics in game where even single zombie can kill you if he catch you off guard…
  • Combat – when you can’t avoid meeting zombies you must grab a weapon and fight. But remember: they always have numerical superiority and they hit hard – no one can maintain balance.

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