Behind You

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Behind you ———————————-

Can you control your nerve ?
Do you have what it takes?
From the depths of the manor house to the atmospheric underground and garden. It is always there just waiting, watching you, do you dare open the next door ?
what awaits you ? And more importantly can you escape it ?

Play Behind You and see if you have the nerve to survive.

is an indie first person horror game ( compatible with oculus rift and HTC vive )

Be aware ——————————————-

This current version is not finish but I need more budget to continue the development with this quality.

I’am currently the only developper of this game , this is why I have chosen to release the game unfinished.
I will continue his development but I need your support thank you for your understanding.

Supported Platform & device ——————

The current version is only available for desktop play ( normal )
The build for vive and oculus rift with oculus touch will come in the following weeks
The build for linux will come in the following weeks too.

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